ERP Hychem supplies a wide variety of laboratory fittings in Malaysia. These include a huge selection of polypropylene pipe, plugs, lab sinks etc that works well with other laboratory system available from Hychem. Polypropylene laboratory fitting is perfect for industrial application that works around corrosive media. They are light weight, cost effective and long lasting. Polypropylene lab fittings are manufactured to withstand temperature up to 150 degree Fahrenheit in continuous pressure service. On top of that, they also make the perfect laboratory companion for its strong resistance to most of the chemicals in the market which includes: stong acids, alkali, organic solvents and more. Our range of laboratory polypropylene fitting includes laboratory sink waste plus, laboratory dilution tap, laboratory bottle tap, laboratory anti-vac tap, laboratory lab sinks, laboratory sink waste etc. Please browse through our polypropylene laboratory fitting catalogue for more information.

Information on our Product performance can be downloaded here:

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