Flat Epoxy Worktop

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Product Name Flat Epoxy Worktop  
Black (11746)
Grey (8286)
 Graphite (11844)
 Blue (6654)
     Green (8288)
 White (6960)


*Final colour may vary. Colour for illustration purposes only.

Dimension    1)  3020 x 1520mm
  2) 2520 x 1520mm
  3) 2040 x 1520mm
Thickness 1) 15mm
  2) 19mm
  3)  25mm 


*Contact us for other custom sizes.

Edge Profiles

HYCHEM Epoxy Worktops are molded from compounded Epoxy Resin and heat cured at high temperatures offering consistent chemical resistance throughout the entire mass of the material. The worktops provide excellent acid, alkali and solvent resistance as well as outstanding performance against physical abuse. All our Epoxy Worktops are tested to ASTM standards and in accordance to the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA) 3-2010 Guidelines.