Malaysia's Laboratory Worktops & Laboratory Fittings Supplier

ERP Hychem supplies a huge variety of laboratory furniture and fitting, to cater the majority of faculties in Malaysia. We are responsible in developing the complete line of reliable laboratory worktop to withstand extreme conditions of today's laboratory environment. Our ranges of laboratory fittings are chemically tested to withstand extreme conditions. ERP Hychem has since then made name and success on top of its lab offerings by delivering excellence high quality products with strong commitment to our clients. As a matter of fact, Hychem is one of the few pioneers that popularized chemical Epoxy Resin worktops in Asia. We have a powerhouse of experience and knowledge on Emergency Shower, Epoxy Worktops, Ceramic Laboratory Worktops, Water Fixtures, Gas Fixtures and various Polypropylene Fittings. We keep ourselves on top of the industry by shipping in technologically advanced equipment to assist in the production of our innovative laboratory fittings and furniture. We put 100% commitment into our research and development with our ongoing investments in lab product quality. Browse through our product catalogue to develop a better understanding for the commitment we put into our lab products