Essential Laboratory Fittings

Whether you are in the pharmaceutical sector, healthcare, industrial or educational sector, a laboratory and various essential laboratory fittings will be essential in order for you to achieve your desired end result. Since cleanliness and efficiency are the two most vital aspects of working in a laboratory, the overall laboratory design is crucial for successful, research, projects, and various experimental studies. Therefore, if you own a laboratory or desire to create your own lab, there are various important laboratory fittings that must be included in the design of your laboratory. The fittings are designed with highly innovative configuration and operation in order to meet various requirements of a modern laboratory. The main focus of these products is the laboratory market which has rapidly changing needs.

Laboratory workstations
Investing in quality word stations of the general design is one of the basic requirements of a laboratory. Besides thinking about how many workstations you actually need, it is also vital to give the quality of material used some thought. The quality of the material used for your lab stations relates to the cleanliness, durability and safety of your laboratory.

Epoxy is the best material to use for your design and laboratory fittings where possible. Epoxy countertops are safe and very popular primarily because workstations that are made of this material are both heat and chemical resistant. The high resistance of Epoxy to heat and chemicals is mainly attributable to the specialty resin that is used to manufacture the countertops. Although green is the most popular color of Epoxy counter tops, they are also available in other colors including red, blue and tan.

Laboratory fume hoods
The ability to remove gases and left over chemical residue is an essential requirement of building a research or scientific laboratory. Moreover, laboratory fume hoods are often mandatory requirements through laws and regulations.

There are various ways of incorporating fume hoods in the overall laboratory design. It can be built as a complete fume hood solution that incorporate work and storage surfaces so that you may have a complete built in solution especially when working with flammable materials and other chemicals. Besides the integrated solution you can also have a fume hood as a separate unit such as a demonstration or canopy hood.

Base units and casework
Depending on the design of your laboratory, you will need some sort of casework. This could be drawer or cupboard space while taking into consideration the standing or sitting height of your workspace. Your choice should fit your needs conveniently. Storage units and casework are versatile laboratory fittings including thei0r overall design from drawer slides, to the hinges and handles. It is important to consider all these laboratory fittings when mapping out your laboratory design. This is because pre-panning will help you find a reliable supplier of lab fittings and increase your chances of having a well-designed, fully functional laboratory. Ensure that you get laboratory fittings that are manufactured using high quality materials with proven design that meets the functional performance and aesthetic requirements of modern laboratories which are quite demanding.