Emergency Shower & Eyewash - What You Need To Know

Emergency Shower and Eyewash helps people who work in manufacturing facilities, which usually work in close contact with harmful chemicals that may cause serious injury if those hazardous substances come in contact with the body, especially, the eyes. The law stipulates that each employee has a right to have a healthy workplace. It is the responsibility of each employer to ensure that his or her employees work in a safe environment. There are various kinds of safety showers available these days that come with state-of-art-features. Emergency shower & eyewash stations are designed to offer employees maximum protection in emergency situations.

Why do you need these emergency units?
The first 10-15 seconds after exposure to toxic chemicals, particularly a corrosive substance, are the most important. Emergency shower and eyewash stations offer instantly decontamination. They allow users to flush away harmful substances that may cause permanent injury. Accidental chemical exposures may still happen even with the best protective equipment. Therefore, it is vitally important to see beyond the use of face shields and goggles. These units are indispensable when it comes to reducing the impacts of accident exposure to harmful substances.

What the law says about these emergency units?
In places such as factories, construction sites, hospitals and labs where the use of chemicals is abundant, accidents are bound to occur. All these places are required by law to provide a workplace free from harmful hazards that can cause, or are likely to cause, a serious physical harm or death to the employees. While safety laws vary from place to place depending on a number of factors, most of them are similar. As an employer, you should abide by the law and assist the country avoid loss of lives and injuries that result from accidental chemical exposure.

How they should be used?
For any emergency shower and eyewash station to be effective, the exposed part should be washed thoroughly for about 15 minutes using a lot of clean water. Water alone cannot neutralize contaminants. It only attenuates and washes them away. This is why it is recommended to use plenty of water. However, some experts recommend at least 20 minute washing period if the nature of the substance is unknown. In any case, if irritation persists, you need to repeat the rinsing process. It is vital to seek medical attention after first aid has been offered.

Emergency showers or emergency eyewash?
Emergency showers are designed to wash all body parts except the eye. This is because the pressure of water flow can damage the eyes. Eyewash stations are only designed to wash the eye. There are units that are designed to flush all body parts including the eye. It's worth a not that the need for these units is based on the nature of the chemicals used by the employees as well as the task they do. A work hazard analysis can help you determine the kind of unit that's best for you.

In a sea of emergency showers and eyewash suppliers, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Be sure to conduct a thorough research before you make a purchase on emergency shower or eyewash.