Established in 2003, ERP HYCHEM SDN BHD (HYCHEM) chanced upon the opportunity to develop a reliable worktop to withstand extreme conditions of modern laboratories. A prototype of the HYCHEM Epoxy Resin worktop was submitted to a chemical testing facility and the results proved astonishing. HYCHEM has since build on the success of its laboratory worktop and laboratory fittings products and within a short period of time it exceeded expectations by delivering high quality Polypropylene (PP) Fittings and emergency shower & eyewash products with a strong commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction.

We are able to fabricate into numerous shapes and sizes...
HYCHEM Epoxy Sinks combines both aesthetic and functional feature with...
HYCHEM Epoxy Worktops are molded from compounded Epoxy Resin and...
emergency eye wash
Emergency Shower and Eyewash should always be a priority in setting up a safe and hygienic laboratory. ERP Hychem supplies one of the best emergency shower and eyewash equipment in Malaysia. They come in a huge array of specifications, dimension and customization to make sure it fits to your lab set up in the perfect fashion.
Laboratory Fittings
Laboratory Fittings are crucial to bring the laboratory into a complete piece. These include a huge selection of polypropylene pipe, plugs and lab sinks. Polypropylene is the best material for lab fittings because it offers the benefits of lightweight, easy assembly and corrosion resistant. They are perfect for harsh laboratory environment.
emergency eye wash
Laboratory Worktops & Sinks come in different material and specifications. At ERP we favor Epoxy Resin Laboratory Worktop and Sinks. We offer a huge selection of epoxy resin worktops - fume cupboard epoxy worktop, epoxy sinks, flat epoxy resin worktop, and marine edge epoxy worktop and customized epoxy worktop.
Laboratory Fittings
Polypropylene (PP) fittings are manufactured to withstand harsh conditions in a laboratory, factory or any faculties. PP fittings are able to handle temperature up to 150 degree Fahrenheit in continuous pressure service. These polypropylene fittings are the perfect laboratory companion for its superior chemical resistance properties.